Konsta Mikkonen

Konsta Mikkonen started composing on Amiga computer and synthesizer back in 1991 at the tender age of 10. In the early years he was involved in underground audiovisual digital art movement “demoscene” and was voted number #1 musician several times in Official Eurocharts. Following the success of this he went on to become one of the most prolific Finnish electronic music composers with over 100 vinyl, CD and digital releases on top labels such as Hospital Records in UK, Subhuman in USA and Rockadillo in Finland.

He has been performing around the world in countries such as UK, Denmark, Estonia, Latvia, Germany, Spain, Russia, Austria, Switzerland, Norway, Poland, Croatia, France, Finland, Ukraine, Sweden, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Belgium, Canada, Australia to name a few.

Nowadays Konsta has several different music projects which range from minimal art gallery music to heavy sound system destroyers and commissioned work for TV, movie, theatre, contemporary circus and games. He is also hosting monthly radio show on Bassoradio since 2006 where he is showcasing forward thinking new music to Finnish and worldwide audience.